Top 10 Old School Nick Jr. Shows

Image result for 80's nickelodeon picture flying monsterOne of my favorite parts about growing up in the 1980’s was spending my days lost in the early preschool shows that aired on Nickelodeon at that time.  The channel was then still in it’s infancy and many of the shows that they acquired for the younger audiences were already successful shows in different countries. Most anime fans from my generation don’t even realize they were watching anime long before Toonami came around but, of this Top 10 list, 6 of them are in fact animes. I watched several of these shows as early as my toddler years, but was still enjoying them up until the age of 11.


Film Review: Rashômon (1950)

I love watching classic black and white movies!  Back in the black and white era, directors and actors had to put a lot more creativity in how they presented their story, due to the lack of special effects and digital technology. While some of the props might not be as realistic as what we would see in today’s’ films, it gives me high respect for the films of this era.

Rashômon is a film I happened upon while I was browsing through Netflix a while back.  Though it’s supposed to be considered an occult classic, I had never actually heard of it. I just happened upon the title while I was browsing.  I am a sucker for both black & white & Japanese films, so Rashomon was an automatic add to my “To Watch List.”